I.R.A. – Live At The CBGB (Tour U.S.A.) – 2004

I.R.A. is a Colombian hardcore punk band from Medellín, Antioquia, formed in 1985 by David Viola (at present, guitarist and vocalist of the band) and some of his friends that have already left the band. It is one of the oldest bands that still exist in Medellín, thanks to the perseverance of David Viola. Its long career and recent tours in the United States have made it one of the most important and popular punk bands in Medellín and Colombia. In their songs, they talk about, and criticize, the actual situation of Colombia and the world, and also about the life and feelings of people in this situation.
Thanx Jex for the cd.

Track List
1. abandono (3:01)
2. sexorsista (2:05)
3. inmortalizar (1:46)
4. fea corbata (1:24)
5. batallon IRA (1:32)
6. deambular (1:36)
7. sin patria (1:27)
8. atentado terrorista (1:45)
9. horas de paz (2:02)
10. lo que uds se merecen (2:12)
11. este es le infierno (1:44)
12. sin monopolios (1:27)
13. funesta diversion – impotable diversion (3:33)
14. indigenas (2:15)
15. ya no mas (1:28)
16. punk 90s (2:02)
17. parasitos verdes (1:18)
18. fuck racist (1:35)
19. barkizidio (1:53)
20. bajo control fascista (1:25)

Total Playing Time: 37:39 (min:sec)
Total Size : 30.2 MB (31,691,935 bytes)

Password: punxunidos


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