Garotos Podres – Cançoes Para Ninar – 1993

Garotos Podres is a Brazilian punk rock band formed in 1982 in the city of Mauá in the metropolitan region of São Paulo called A.B.C..
In 1985, while Brazil was still under military dictatorship, they appeared on the Ataque Sonoro compilation along with Ratos de Porão, Cólera, Lobotomia and others of the Brazilian hardcore. They released the first album of the band, Mais Podres do que Nunca (“More Rotten Than Ever”), on the now defunct Rocker label and then the band really started, selling about 50,000 copies and becoming popular until today.

Track List
1. Oi, Tudo Bem? (0:42)
2. Fernandinho Viadinho (2:24)
3. Sadam Hussein Is Rock ‘n’ Roll (3:06)
4. Censura Idiota (2:13)
5. Surfista de Pinico (2:10)
6. Verme (3:20)
7. Mordomia (2:57)
8. Rock de Suburbio (3:28)
9. Aos Fuzilados da CSN (4:09)
10. Johnny (2:04)
11. Anarquia (1:40)
12. Papai Noel (1:31)

Total Playing Time: 29:49 (min:sec)
Total Size : 34.2 MB (35,809,078 bytes)

Password: punxunidos


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