The Entire History Of Punk – Vol 16-20

Coleccion de 20 discos de los cuales estos son los ultimos 5, los restantes lo pueden encontrar en Drunksongs
Los subi por si es que alguien mas queria completar la coleccion.

Disc 16
1.Cock SParrer – Argy Bargy
2.Sham69 Borstal Breakout
3.Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device (Live)
4.The 4 Skins – Low Life
5.The Boys – I Don’t Care
6.Blitz – Warriors
7.Joolz – Jacknory
8.The Adverts – Gary Gilmores
9.Slaughter And The Dogs – Where Have All The Bootboys Gone
10.Special Duties – Police State
11.Knox – Streetheat
12.Iggy Pop – Search And Destroy
13.Morgans – Atishoo
14.The Adicts – Shake Rattle

1.The Bomb Party – Ray Gun
2.Scarehead – Ha Ha
3.Newtown Neurotics Blitzkrieg Bop
4.Chron Gen – Chronic Generation
5.Captain Sensible – Wot (Live)
6.Theater Of Hate – Rebel Without A Brain
7.Red London – Cnd
8.Ligotage Beki Bondage – Coming For You
9.Dead Kennedys – California Uber Alles
10.Pauline Murray – Mr. X
11.The Vibrators – Jumping Jack Flash
12.Eater – Fifteen
13.The Drones – Be My Baby
14.The Lurkers – Cyanide
15.The Three Johns – Atom Drum Bop

Disc 18
1.Angelic Upstarts – The Murder Of The Liddle Towers
2.Sex Pistols – Pretty Vacant
3.Chron Gen – Rality
4.Chelsea – The Last Time
5.Mc5 – Motor City Is Burning
6.Antinowhere League – Let’s Break The Law
7.The Resurrection Experience – Do What I Do
8.Last Resort – King Of The Jungle
9.Chaos UK – Kill Your Baby
10.The Adicts – You’ll Never Walk Alone
11.The Macc Lads – Nagasaki Sauce
12.iggy Pop – I Got Nothing I got Shit
13.The Gonads – I Lost My Love To A UK Sub
14.The 4 Skins – One Law For Them

1.Hugh Cornwell – For Whats It Worth
2.Sid Vicious – My Way
3.Brix Smith – Space Oddity
4.Gene October – I Fought The Law
5.Public Menace – Teenage Kicks
6.Sexgang Children – As TearsGo By
7.Hazel O’connor – Summertime
8.Skalette Ohara – Barbed Wire
9.Spike – Heartbreaker
10.Pauline Murray – Free Money
11.Dork – 50th Queenie
12.Arthur Brown – A Hard Rains Gonna Fall

Disc 20
01 King Kurt – Slammers
02 Guana Batz – See Through
03 Demented Are Go – Transvestite Blues
04 Frantic Flintstones – Let’s Go Somewhere
05 The Highliners – Wooly Bully (live)
06 The Deltas – Whip It Up
07 Coffin Nails – Coffin Nails
08 Scared Stiff – Jhonny Cynic
09 The Tailgators- Should I Stay Or Should I Go
10 Batmobile – Bambooland (live)
11 The Stingrays – Militant Tendency
12 The Batfinks – Raisin Hell
13 Guana Batz- I’m On Fire

Password: punxunidos


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